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Computers, Networks and Wi-fi

Get expert advice on the right computers, tablets and network equipment you need to get everything done the way you want at home or the office.  We will configure the right custom solution for your needs, install it in record time, and be your local superhero when you need support.  We offer on-site and remote support with super fast results.

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Cybersecurity Protection

More and more home users and small businesses are being attacked by ransomware and other viruses.  We make sure you have the right suite of products to keep you protected online.

Family Online Protection

The cyber world is scary, especially for parents.  We make sure you have the right tools in place to keep your kids safe online, and keep track of what they are doing with all devices.  

Security Cameras

Know what is going on in and around your home or office.  Get alerts when the kids come home, a package gets delivered, or someone you don't know is lurking around.  We customize just the right solution to keep an eye on the things you care about the most.

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Smart Home Devices and Automation

We know that smart devices and home automation can be overwhelming.  Our superheroes will walk you through what is available and help you decide what would make your life easier.  We design, install, and configure everything from full home automation to just a few smart devices.  Making sure all functions operate exactly the way you expect, documenting what each command does in your home, and securing the entire network so that only YOU are in control.

Cloud Subscriptions

You have been in the cloud for a long time, and it only is getting worse (or better depending on how you look at things).  Everything today is a subscription, and keeping track of them can get confusing.  We help you decide which ones you really need, help you manage them, and even provide some directly through us.  Never lose your data again, always have the right subscriptions to office products, have a safe place for all your passwords, and only pay for the services you really need.  Let our superheroes keep you secure in the cloud and ready for anything!

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