2FA — Should You Enable?

CEO of nSpire Technologies, LLC, Bob Oster, explains what two-factor authentication is, and why should be using it.




Hey, guys, Bob here, CEO of nSpire, again. I want to talk more about security, specifically, I want to talk today about two factor authentication. But first, what am I wearing? Well, it’s coronavirus casual at the office, and I’m sure you’re sitting at home or even at the office wearing we don’t know what. But you’re also concerned about security while you’re online. Two factor authentication is something you’ve been using for quite some time. Any time you log into a bank or maybe even Google, you have to get a code text to your phone and then enter that code after the password. That’s two factor authentication, as if you were walking into a building. Let’s say you had a secure building to go to. You have a badge and then maybe a thumbprint. Or if you watch any spy movies like I do, well, maybe it’s a retinal scan and the only way to break in is to get the guy’s badge and steal his eyeball. Hopefully your data is not that important, but two factor authentication is important these days. I want to encourage you to really go into all your accounts, anything you access, and enable two factor authentication. You never know where things are stored, where you might have personal information.


Make sure you go set that up. I know it’s a pain in the butt, but a lot of times it’s just an app on your phone or a quick text message. It’s really a lot easier than it used to be. The one thing I want to really encourage is, if you are using a remote desktop connection or maybe a terminal server or, if you’ve heard the word Citrix, to a Citrix server at your office, I highly recommend that you talk to your I.T. department and enable two factor authentication. We’ve seen a lot of our customers. There’s a lot of hackers trying to go after those remote desktop connections because they know everybody’s using them, especially these days. Right. So they’re trying to attack it. So make sure, I know our customers that are getting attacked had the two factor authentication that we can easily push them away. Make sure you use that. If you have any questions ask your I.T. provider or if you’re our customer, give us a call.


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