Our Team


Your IT Superheroes

We’re fast & efficient, our tech knowledge is strong and we have the uncanny ability to anticipate and attack a looming problem.

We are your IT SUPERHEORES. And we eat super viruses for breakfast.  


Bob Oster

Owner, CEO

Bob Oster is the CEO and owner of nSpire Technologies and is a New Orleans native.  He attended the University of New Orleans where he earned his Bachelor of Science in Business Management.  Having a love of technology, he pursued certifications with Microsoft, Cisco, Citrix, and RSA, which ultimately led to merge his degree and passion into one business.  With over 20 years of experience, he has the acuity to guide businesses to ultimate IT efficiency.  Bob has co-authored two technical books, with future plans to write his own and is a professional public speaker in the areas of technology and referral networking and is also a GoldMan Sachs 10,000 small business graduate.

Superhero Qualities: 

Bob has the vision. Not necessarily x-ray vision, but the kind of vision that enables him to see the BIG picture.  Bob delivers the technology your company needs nowand also looks to the future to make sure you always have what you need to be successful.  He’s our leader. Strong in mind and in body.  He’s also a family man and cares about his work family just as much as his wife and kiddos. Ok, almost as much.


Melanie Stringer

Office Manager

Melanie is our fearless Office Manager.  A debutante of River Ridge, she brings a broad range of experience to the nSpire Team.  Her true forte is her organization and relationship building with a true desire to always be helping.  She has been a coordinator and administrative manager for much of her career, but she is most proud of being the founder of The Children’s Neuromuscular Foundation of Louisiana in 2007.  Melanie has a Bachelor of Arts from LSU and is the proud mother of four fantastic boys.

Superhero Qualities: 

Melaine has the 2 P’s: Patience & Personality. She puts up with all of us.  Melanie is our SuperGal Friday, every day of the week. She has exceptional people skills,and thank goodness hers is the first voice you’ll hear when you call us. She’s our social activities coordinator (a big job with this crew) – and we all know better than to talk to her in computer geek speak. Although when we do, she smiles at us politely.


Richard Bramlett

Senior Systems Engineer

Richard Bramlett is the Senior Systems Engineer and our Lead Technician here at nSpire. A native of Covington, he has been working in the IT industry for over 20 years and brings his years of experience and Microsoft certifications to round out the team. His passions involve music, movies, and discovering the latest tech trends. Richard loves developing and maintaining relationships with clients, giving them trust and confidence in nSpire’s ability to deliver the highest level of service.

Superhero Qualities: 

Richard has the knowledge.  We’d say Richard has already forgotten more tech knowledge than most people will ever know… except Richard never forgets.  He is a wealth of knowledge and while you may not want his high-tech explanation, you will want the end result. And that’s as simple as this: Richard can figure it out when no-one else can.

Carey Arnaud (Professional)

Carey Arnaud

Systems Engineer & Regional Business Developer

Carey Arnaud is our Systems Engineer & Regional Business Developer. Having grown up in Roberts Cove, Louisiana, he’s the perfect person to grow and develop our brand in the Southwest region of our state. Carey has a knack for meeting new people, which is a great attribute the guy tasked with bringing on new clients. He has a passion for computers, and like most of our staff, enjoys working on them in his free time. His other passion: online simulation car racing. Oh yeah, he likes to go FAST!

Superhero Qualities: 

Carey has the drive. He likes to put the pedal to the medal when it comes to identifying and solving problems. He’s like the Mario Andretti of tech-support. But his real superpower is developing new business and getting the word out there about our awesome company as our brand ambassador. His kryptonite? Elderly ladies in need of help. You see, Carey is a superhero from the south who was raised with respect. He’ll cave every time if the person asking him for help reminds him of his beloved grandmother!


Ryan Range

Support Specialist

Ryan Range is a Support Specialist at nSpire. He is originally from Shreveport, LA , but has called NOLA home since 2014. A former collegiate athlete, Ryan understands that teamwork makes the dream work. Maybe that’s why he fits in so well at nSpire. Ryan enjoys his work so much that he often brings projects home so he can continue learning. That is, when he’s not working out or playing with his 3 young children. We appreciate the calm, even-keel vibe he brings to the company.

Superhero Qualities: 

Ryan Range has the strength. Together with Ryan Malbrough, he is first line of defense for our clients. Ryan R. doesn’t let anything get past him. Looking at him, you may attribute that to his brawn, but his brain is his real superpower. Ryan R. always stays calm and collected under pressure – handling business at level 1 so that your problem doesn’t get to level 2.


Ryan Malbrough

Support Specialist

Ryan Malbrough is a Support Specialist at nSpire. He was born and raised in New Orleans. The IT bug bit him back in high school, when a teacher noticed Ryan’s tech talents and asked him to help set up the school’s first computer network. His passion for IT has grown ever since. Ryan loves the daily challenges that working with nSpire clients brings, and he is always quick to provide the right solution. Ryan has two teenage boys and (not surprisingly) their favorite thing to do together is play video games.

Superhero Qualities: 

Ryan Malbrough has the conviction. You can go ahead and add another quality to Ryan M.’s lineup: Determination. He simply won’t walk away from a problem until he’s solved it. He actually enjoys stepping out of his comfort zone to tackle new challenges! Although you might initially describe him as quiet, give him a hot second – because his real superpower lies in his ability to intently think problems through in order to provide nSpire clients the answers they need.


Chris Andrade

Support Specialist

Chris Andrade is another one of nSpire’s wonderful Support Specialists. Born and raised in New Orleans, he’s our go-to man for all things computer, tech-support and networking. He loves his job because he says working in IT is like putting together a puzzle that must be solved. His end goal is always 100% customer satisfaction. When he’s not behind a computer screen you can find Chris scoring tries with the New Orleans Rugby Football Club.

Superhero Qualities: 

Chris has the positive attitude. Chris has a knack for finding humor in any situation and his laser-eye-focus is on the details. He could never be the bad guy – he’s too happy for that. Chris admits needing to work on his “serious face” for business meetings, because odds are he’s going to sit across from you smiling. Chris is one of the good guys and our superheroes lineup wouldn’t be the same without him.