Password Managers: Are they the way to go?

Hear what our CEO, Bob Oster has to say about managing all the passwords we now have in our life!




Hey, Bob Oster here again with nSpire Technologies.  Today, I want to talk about password’s, something that’s plagued us for quite a long time. We don’t know how to handle it, what kind of passwords to make, and certainly the biggest problem we have is thinking of new passwords every six months or every 12 months.  Every time a different website wants us to change it. I recently moved to a password manager, and I realized that I have one hundred and ten passwords now.  I often use the same password for many sites, just like they tell you not to do. But there’s one hundred and ten of them. How else am I supposed to remember? So we’re talking about banks, social media, email, utilities. One day voting is going to be online, I’m sure. And so, you need a password for that. And a lot of people are either writing them down on a piece of paper or notebook or they’re saving them in their Chrome browser or Firefox. And so one, I would say bad idea. And look, I was doing it, too, but it’s easy for someone to get into your computer, especially if they have physical access to it or if they steal it.


It’s really easy for them to get past the security piece unless you’ve got some encryption or two factor authentication, which, by the way, see my video on that. But what we’re looking at is, it’s easy to steal all these passwords. And one of the things we’re not doing is, we’re not changing passwords often if we don’t have to, because we don’t want to have to think of a new password.


Well, here comes password managers. And we are highly recommending to use some kind of password manager or password vault instead of all the things that I mentioned before. One, you’re going to set up this one vault. And I know you’re thinking, what if somebody gets into my vault? Well, what you do is you set up a very, very complex password that you can remember, doesn’t use any family names or anything of that nature, but a very good, complex password for it. And you use two factor authentication to get into the password vault and move all your information, over time, and remove it from Chrome or Firefox or anything like that. Just Google how to do that and you can delete it. But set up that very complex password to a two factor authentication on a password vault.


What this then does, in the past, many of the password vaults allow you to generate a complex password that you can set. And it doesn’t matter. It’s all crazy numbers and letters but you don’t have to remember it because from then on, all you’re doing is copying and pasting from the password vault or password manager. Most of the good ones have a sync to a cell phone app and all are Web based so you can access it from anywhere. But most of all, it allows you to change passwords often and not have to think of a new one. It will generate new ones for you. I understand that these are some extra steps that you have to take that we’re recommending, but it’s very important, especially the more digital we go in our lives, the more password protected items we have, the more important it is to just take that extra step, put it in somewhere, a place that’s secure. That then is not going to get compromised. And by all means, do your best to use different complex, generate passwords across the board on everything that you possibly have. Thank you very much.


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