Updates – Why Are They Important?

Why, Why, Why do those updates keep pestering you? Bob Oster, CEO of nSpire Technologies, explains why.







Today I want to talk about Updates.  The thing that pops up on the right-hand corner by your clock has updates from Microsoft just about exactly when you don’t want it to reboot your computer. We really want to talk about why they exist, how to manage it, and what are they there for.   So, the first thing that you really need to understand is that Microsoft or any other products perform update obviously for a reason.  It is not just there to aggravate you.  Usually they are fixing bugs or more importantly they are plugging vulnerabilities that people found where the software can be used to hack your system.  As you can imagine, they are quite important but some of them are just feature releases. They are just things that they’re changing or improving, and we want to know the difference between the critical vulnerability or security updates, the feature sets or just the bug fixes.  And we want to be able to decide, OK if it’s a critical security update I want to do that immediately right.  Those are important.  I don’t want to be hacked; I want to get these things plugged away.  If it’s a bug fix maybe it’s not a bug that I’m experiencing, so I can wait a little bit and I can see what the rest of the world’s doing because, let’s be honest, updates have been known to cause problems in our system.  Maybe they don’t interact well with the software I have installed or maybe they’re just designed wrong and we’ve seen that. And they crash the system or do something, so we really want to be hesitant and we are hesitant to say yes to these things.  So if it’s just a feature or just a bug fix, maybe we wait, do some research, read and figure out when is it safe. Did the rest of the world crash No, good, then its ok to say yes. Or maybe it’s just a feature update, you know they’ve changed where a button or the color or something or the function.  Maybe that’s a great function but you don’t need it yet so you can read about what it is and you say, I can wait a couple weeks or a month before I deploy this.  Let’s see what it does to the rest of the world first. But here’s the deal.  You don’t want to be doing all that research. Why would you sit and read about Microsoft and other vendors who come out with updates weekly or more.  That’s where professionals like us come in.  Try and lean on a professional IT person to sit there, I know what we do is we go through each update and check it and we automatically approve the ones that are critical, the ones that are security updates and we push those through.  The ones we’re not sure of that we think, we don’t want to have a performance problem, so we are going to wait. Maybe a week to see what it does to the rest of the world. We make that decision for all our clients and we manage the updates for our clients. And so, you want to have a partner and make sure that your IT person is doing the exact same thing so keep in mind, updates while they are kind of pesky and a pain in the butt. Listen, I hate to reboot my system by the way. They are important!  So, but so make sure you are looking at it or having someone looking at it and run those updates!  Thank you.