Windows 10 Updates to become more planned out

Traditionally speaking, Microsoft Windows’ updates have a somewhat debatable reputation. While Microsoft attempts its due diligence and dispenses them frequently to combat various cybersecurity threats and introduce new features, the frequency of requests leave users feeling like it’s impossible to keep up. Microsoft attempts to address these inconsistencies according to the most recent announcement from the company.


2017 will contain two major updates

Last year, it was announced that Windows would obtain two significant feature updates in 2017. Released in April, the first is known as the “Creators Update”. Although most average end users will not visually notice the changes, the update includes huge improvements to file security, user administration, and mobile device management incorporations.

In September of 2017, the next big update is rumored to come with several new features including the “People” addition that was originally slated for the Creators Update. People is stated to allow you to pin contact icons to your Start/Quick Menu to combine shared cloud storage, messaging platforms and calendars for individuals in one expedient location.


What’s Next for Windows OS updates?

Beginning with 2018, Microsoft will continue with the “twice-per-year” timetable. Along with more dependable releases, the Windows team is also committing to a more reliable maintenance development. This is great news for businesses that struggle to keep their servers and workstations updated. Obsolete operating systems are one of the largest risks to data security for small businesses, and delivering this level of reliability makes it much easier for IT staff (or Superheroes!) to plan ahead.

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